Monday, July 27, 2009

I was beat up today...

I really was beat up today but not by a customer... I know it will happen one day when I lose it on a crazy person and go ballistic.
I was beat up by objects and things. This morning I hit my hip on an opened drawer in the kitchen. It hurt too. I went into work and scratched my arm on a sharp edged box. Then just a few moments later someone had placed a plexiglass object under the counter but had the corner sticking out. You got it, I hit it. It caused a poke and a scratch on my leg. We had VBS at church and I was helping with the projector and somehow scratched my other arm and was bleeding but I was clueless until someone pointed it out. Oh it does not stop there. When I came home the cat was blocking the bathroom door and evidently he was in a mood too and decided to smack and bite the other leg because I moved my foot too close to him.
Is it bedtime yet because I really do not have many limbs left today that are willing to take a punch or puncture?


a corgi said...

OUCH!!!! hoping tomorrow is more kind to your body!!!


Meg said...

Take two aspirins and the day off.