Friday, July 24, 2009

A thought and a rant...

Why do you keep eating fresh salsa from a mexican restaurant even though it is so hot your tongue is burning and you are crying?
Honestly, I kept digging in for more. I guess I was thinking that if I kept eating the heat would go away. I just don't know why I punish myself sometimes. Yes it is fresh and good but that zip is just too much but I keep on dipping. Oh my why !

And now for the rant....
Why would you come in my store and ask for my help for a bridal shower gift and then find something wrong with everything I show you? Honestly, I do not think you wanted my help. I showed her all sorts of things. Everything was too small, too big, too much, too cheap and on and on. Then she asked if I had a devotional the young lady could read. I go to that section and pull some great books. Then she responds, that she does not know her denomination so she does not want a devotional. I am frustrated at this point and politely tell her to look around and I am floating if she needs help. She looks in the book section and appears with one of the devotionals I showed her that she did not want. Can you guess what she said? She said, I found a book here I think she will like. Oh yeah she found the book that I had already suggested. ARRGH! Sometimes it takes all my might to keep my mouth shut. I did suggest she buy a gift card to someplace the bride is registered at , she informed me that when you buy a gift card then they know how much you spent so she was going to give her this book with a check in it. Ok, I know she does not know what you paid for the little book but she will know what you wrote the check for which is no different than a gift card. ARRGH!

Another one.
One lady came in today wanting me to tell her how to start a library . Honestly, I have no idea. I am a bookstore not a library. Go to a library and ask them how to start a library. Actually what she was hinting at is that she wanted to know who our book distributors were and where we get our books. Sorry but that is classified, I want to still be here next month. You can buy your books for your library from us, thank you. Bookstore business is tough. I had another lady come in and wanted all of our old catalogs so she could order some books from the companies. Come on people, we have not been in this business for 30 years to just give out all the information we have learned.
One man came in asking for a Bible stand, as I pulled out a catalog and turned to the page he kept asking me if he can order it direct, I told him no that I could drop ship it to his home. Come to find out he is a business and was trying to find out who my vendor was. I was distracted by another customer and he turned the book getting the information off the back of the catalog when I curtly removed the book from his hand and informed him that was my information and it would remain that way. You would never believe what we go through. Some may say we are not helpful, no we are not when you are trying to cut our throat. We already compete with the big chains, internet, the Wally Worlds , publishers selling direct and so much more. So no I am not going to tell you where I get my books from as a retailer.
WOW! Sorry I am done ranting now.

Those of you who know me in real life, know that I am not an aggressive person. I am pretty much laid back and go with the flow. When it comes to the business and fighting for every dime so I can be ensured a paycheck, you bet I become aggressive. I actually get so flabbergasted at how bold people are these days. Sometimes I really think that I am the abnormal one in society and all of these customers are normal. That is scary.... By the way, I think I need a vacation.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Know what you mean......why do people think that they can find a campsite on Friday at 5:45pm!! Most "good" campgrounds are full by noon on a summer's my fault ..... i should have known they were coming and saved them a site......a little different ...but...same frustration!!