Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

OK, this post is in the opposite order of what I want it to be, but deal with it. It will make sense after you read the whole post.

This picture is of the helicopter on our church property. You can not see it but on the left hand side of the copter is the man who hangs on and attaches the wires back to the utility pole you see behind the copter in the water. The James River Bridge is in the background too.

This is a picture of them transporting a ladder to the poles. It was so interesting to watch all this today.

I wanted to post about something patriotic today but my mind froze on what to say. Well I have a lot to say but putting it into a sensible post was not happening. Then I went out to my church to decorate the landfill for our church picnic tonight and there it was a tribute to the guys at the power company.

I arrived to a helicopter in the middle of our landfill and about ten power trucks. First off let me tell you the landfill is beach that was filled in on our property years and years ago to give us a place to have church socials. It overlooks the James River and the James River Bridge. It is beautiful. It was filled in with debris from a local community that was torn down. Thus the word landfill. We allow certain helicopters to land on our property when they are doing important stuff like transporting the head honcho at the local yard or fixing power lines that connect us to the other side of the bridge. That is what was taking place today. We had a powerful storm come through Wednesday night that knocked lines down from the big power poles in the water. These lines landed on the James River Bridge and shut it down along with the local beach, pier and boat dock. This storm also knocked over our heavy , heavy swing in which 3 guys had to push it back up. Lightening struck a house three blocks over and started a fire. Another house three blocks down from that one caught on fire because of an unattended candle when they lost power. There were uprooted trees in streets, yards and houses. It really was like a hurricane and a tornado together.

Well off to my tribute. Thank you to the power guys for working on the 4th to restore normal life to some people around here. In the pictures of the helicopter you can not see but there is a guy on the platform outside the helicopter that has to attach the wires to the poles while hanging on the side of that copter. Talk about scary. What a job.

I also want to thank all of our ancestors and military for giving us the freedom in the best country of all, The United States of America.

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a corgi said...

nice entry, Becky; so glad there are people out there that work to keep us safe no matter what day of the year and also protect our freedom; thanking the Lord too for his protection over our country (not sure how long that will last though)

when you mentioned landfill as the place you were going to decorate, I had to do a double take and wonder why you were decorating a dump; that's what they call our dump here, a landfill. Now it makes sense as you described it; sounds like a wonderful place for a church gathering; enjoy