Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pondering Thoughts...

1- When I was a kid , did my parents have to worry about what movies I was watching? My nephew stayed the night last night and he found his Scooby-Doo DVD that I thought I had thrown away about five times. Well it keeps reappearing. What do I have against Scooby-Do0? Well until this DVD nothing. I watched it when I was a kid, I did not care for it but stations were limited and at 6PM, it was the only thing on besides the news. This DVD talks about witches. Ok, I don't believe in sheltering our kids from make-believe. I do believe in imagination and they should know the difference in real and make believe and he does. But this DVD not only has witches but it talks about and mentions WICCA. Now you are hitting reality. He did ask me why he can not watch this and in the past I just said... "Because I said so." Well last night I decided to tell him in a 6 year old way without mentioning WICCA or witches as to why I do not like that DVD. I told him that it mentions things that go against what we learn at church( at home too). That DVD mentions things that go against Jesus and God and we believe in Jesus and God not other things. You know what he said... OK and we took it out. I personally believe witches are make believe but WICCA is another story, they take it to another crazy level.
I dont remember my parents having to be so cautious back then. Although, I do remember watching Dirty Dancing at my best friend's house and thought my momma would kill me. She now watches it with me.

2-I got on the scale today and am only 7 pounds from what my lowest weight was last year. Most people would be discouraged but I was encouraged. I had gained 15 but have slowly lost the 8, so I was happy.

3-How come movie theater food is so expensive? We took advantage of the free family movies at Regal today. We saw Madagascar 2. The movie was free but the snacks were $12.50 for a large popcorn and soda. WOW! I could have had a steak. Granted you get free refills and believe me I got a refill before I left even if I fed the birds with it. That was $12.50. Oh and don't think about sneaking snacks in, they do a bag check when you enter. They wanted me to throw away my bottled water that I always have in my purse and I refused.

4-Why are people at the Y so inconsiderate of others? I chose to workout during my nephews Karate camp at the Y. I was getting on a machine that had been empty for a few minutes and this woman came up and said, " I am not done with that machine." Well excuse me for assuming because it had been empty for a few minutes that it was not in use. Previously she had been sitting there talking and not working out. Well I gave her one of ugly looks along with the man beside her that knows me and was with her. He knew I was mad. I walked away. Yes, I had some things to say but I chose to walk away. Some people are just so rude.

5-Anybody have any extra money they want to share? I have three medical appointments this month and no medical insurance. Oh did I also mention working in my family's small business that I am also behind in my paychecks because money has been tight. Please pray that the options I have thought about and am pursuing will work out.

6- Has to do with #5, I finally updated my resume to pursue new options. I have been doing this for weeks, if not months. I get on the computer with the intentions of doing my resume and then I wander online to facebook, blogger, QVC, Eharmony, you name it, it has distracted me. I think I have adult ADD or maybe it is just plain PROCRASTINATION.

7-Is it fair to punish your child from playing with your neighbor's child because your child did something wrong today? My nephew is an only child and looks forward to the kids coming home all day. Well the neighbor's kid was bad and was being punished. He can still play outside with his siblings but not with my nephew whom he loves to play with. This neighbor has a pool and my nephew is always welcome in it with them but not today because of their kid getting in trouble. So who is really being punished, my nephew who did nothing wrong. Seems to me that the neighbor's child should not be able to play at all rather than not play with my nephew. Sometimes life is not fair. Wouldn't it be more effective for the other child to be inside watching his siblings have a blast with my nephew and he can't because he got in trouble? Confusing to me. ( The kid was in trouble for having a paint fight at preschool camp for those of you who may think he may have done something he learned from my nephew, nopers.)


a corgi said...

I agree with you about Scobby-Doo, Becky; I didn't care for its emphasis on witches or ghosts, seems all its stories highlighted that in one way or another. good for you for talking to your nephew about it.

Good for you for tackling the scale; I'm avoiding that for sure (but trying to eat healthy and exercise)

I don't know why movie theater food is so expensive. $4.00 for a water bottle here. Should be made of gold for that price. I used to "sneak" in a bottle of water before because I don't like the cold water they serve plus the price, but I don't now since we rarely go to movies.

I'm without medical insurance too for a few months; you have my sympathy. I totally understand about small or late paychecks too.

Not sure about the Y; we work out at Fitness 19 early in the morning and have no trouble getting on machines. But I think people think they own it just because they happened to be by the machine

the punishment of your nephew's friend seemed a bit odd. maybe the mom was just having a bad day


a corgi said...

((Becky))) THANK YOU SO MUCH; you are absolutely right (with the wisdom you left on my journal). I hadn't thought of that before; I truly believe the Lord gave you those words to share with me!!

thanks (and thank you Lord)