Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a Bummer!

It was one bummer of a night but we made the best of it. On Saturday nights in August our city has movie night at the Fountain. We went to almost all of them last year. Last week's snuck up on us since Saturday was August 1, so we did not go. Tonight we went to see "Hotel for Dogs". Well we thought we were going to see it. We found a good spot to put our chairs. My nephew was having a blast rolling down the hill. I went walking to find dinner. I should have known when I found a Mexican restaurant, ordered and what should have been 10 minutes was 30 minutes that it was going to be a bummer night. Guess what now? When I stepped outside it was raining. I was so frustrated. We stayed for awhile hoping it would pass over. Then we went to the car to eat after they announced we were under a severe thunderstorm watch and tornado warning. See it was raining so bad we could not see and we had a motorized scooter on the back. Well we waited and ate and waited and waited and waited. Yep that long. We finally left the lot at 9:30 and it was still raining. It took us 30 minutes to get home and it should have only been a 15 minute drive. Well we tried to make the best of it. We ate our tacos and turned the DVD player on with Casper, so we still had a movie....but I was really looking forward to "Hotel for Dogs."


Speedo man was back at Water Country on Wednesday. Oh Joy! This time he even practiced his muscle competition poses. Oh Joy! There is still something not so right about a man in a Speedo more or less an old man in a Speedo. Muscle man or no muscle man, men do not need to wear Speedo's.


I guess she can not be called a stray anymore when she lives under my house and I feed her. Today I came home early and was calling her. She came running from the backyard with her catch of the day, another bird. I was horrified but she dropped it and was meowing away at her present. Needless to say she did not get praised. Sorry but I sprayed her with water and said, NO NO! Well not a lot of water just enough for her to know that it is a no-no. I know it is natural but after two opossums, three birds, a rat , a mouse and bunny. I am horrified. I may have to stop feeding her. Maybe when my cousin builds her house in September on the farm in NC , she will take this one with her. I love all animals but I do not like casualties.


a corgi said...

what a night, Becky!! you guys were troopers to try to stick it out; I'm glad you did try to salvage it by at least seeing another movie at home

glad you guys were all safe


Jenn said...

Sorry about your movie night!!

Also, a man in a Speedo? That's just wrong...something wrong! LOL

I haven't stopped by your blog for a while but stopped by tonite, read several posts and enjoyed them! See you later...this week, we'll be in NC. Have a great week!