Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer Request

This past week has been a whirlwind. My 95 year old grandfather fell going into the dentist office last Wednesday. He went to the ER and then was transferred to another hospital and had a minor heart problem in the ambulance. He was kept two nights for observation and tests. Everything turned out fine.

Today he took a swig of his nutritional shake. He told my grandmother it was not good and then started getting extremely sick. My mom rushed up there and discovered the Ensure was not Ensure but something blue. See she had seen a bottle laying around the house earlier in the week that looked unused and put it in the fridge thinking my grandfather took it out and never drank it. Come to find out he had been using this can to hold a cleaning liquid with no label other than the Ensure label. Poison control was called and it was looked up, it was non-poisonous, Praise the Lord but he was still extremely sick. She decided to take him to the ER in which they looked it up also and said it was non-poisonous and gave him some nauseous meds and sent home. She is staying the night to keep an eye on him tonight.

Please pray for him to gain strength and feel better tomorrow. She feels so bad about the situation. She never thought there was anything in there but Ensure. Please pray for my mom emotionally too because if something happened to him from this incident I dont think she would ever forgive herself and I know her sibling would not because her sibling has already said this was her fault along with him falling last week. Last week she was helping him to the dentist's door and he pushed her away and told her he was fine and to go get her mother out of the hot car. She listened to him because he is a very proud and stubborn man. As soon as she got to the car to get my grandmother , he fell.

I told her none of this is her fault. At the dentist office he pushed her away and this bottle should have been labeled. Anyone of the younger great-grandkids could have opened it thinking it was chocolate milk and been sick too.

I have a few choice words for her sibling because things are going to happen on my mom's watch because she is there so much taking care of them while her sibling is out and about doing her thing. Her sibling thinks meeting them at the doctor's office is taking care of them. They should not have to meet her at 91 and 95. She should pick them up. Refer to one of my previous posts where they got lost trying to find her and a stranger calls me to tell me they are lost and confused.

Only problem with all this stress is I turn to junk food and sodas. I know I shouldn't but I do.

I love blogs. I can vent and not blow up about things in person but soon the time is coming to blow up at a certain family member.

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Meg said...

I wonder if an objective outside person such as a doctor or pastor could intervene on the sibling rivalry thing ya got going on there.

lol my word verification for this post is "spermo." I am immature enough to find this funny.