Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things that make you go hmmh....

Things that make you go hmmhh.... I have been going through another slump in life again. Still wondering why evil seems to outweigh good. Still wondering when my day will come to land a job and start my teaching career. In the mean time, I was watching television and heard two things that made me laugh and think....HMMMH!

  • Cell phone company announces that in a certain local area their service is down. Well, ok so no cell phones for a few. It is not convenient but it could be worse. Yep, you could need to dial 911 and not be able to. The news recommended that if you have an emergency situation and only have cell phone ability with this carrier that you drive to your nearest fire station. I know it is not funny but it was to me. So if I fall and can't get up, I have to get up and make my way to the fire station. If someone is breaking into your home then you should tell them to wait so that you can go to the fire station and get help. Maybe I am weird but I found this hysterical. I pray no one truly needs 911 during this time.

  • The next thing was a local but national animal rights organization is running a new campaign. You can register to win a free vasectomy if you have your animal spayed or neutered. Oh come on. Is that something you really want an animal rights organization to do for you? I know they wont physically do it but but but..... If it were my husband if I had a husband, I would not want him winning nor relying on them for such a procedure. They need to stick to a spay or neutering animals campaign and not humans. On another note , I know many of human who needs the procedure.... Did I say that?

Sorry if you don't find this the least bit funny but I guess it takes very little to make me laugh right now. If you could really read my mind somedays , you would take off running. Scary, scary.


The Brown Recluse said...

You did say that, and I know one or two, too.

That corgi :) said...

you wonder if the news people think before they say those things they say.....go to the fire department....hmmmmm. I would be thinking the same thing, what if I couldn't get there.

hey, is your email address your screen name plus want to make sure that is right when I put you in for my private journal; if that is not the case, let me know :)