Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family drama update

Had a family situation today in which we all had to be together briefly. It was my great-aunt's 92nd birthday. For the sake of her, we put our differences aside and all showed up.

My mom's sister put on the biggest show. This celebration was not for her it was for their aunt. She came up and hugged my Dad and stated she has missed him and has not seen him in so long especially with all he has been through medically. Also said she was surprised he was able to come. She then came up and hugged me. I just rolled my eyes. She said that she never sees me anymore. Well Duh, I am over her abuse. Man, she put on the show. Even came back up to me later to tell me how much my grandfather LOVES me and I am the smartest woman he knows. He may have said all this, but I don't trust anything she says,ever.

I was thinking later. She probably was real happy because she brought my grandfather and she was in control of him and everything he does now. She is in her glory being in control.

I was appalled at her excitement over my Dad after the heck she has put him through and the accusations. It was unbelievable. Some of you may think she is turning a corner. Oh no, she was an actor because tomorrow she will be back to her old ways again when she does not have an audience.

As for my grandfather, he has told my mom fifty million times that he will make peace with my brother when he apologizes to him. He has nothing to apologize about. He saw him for the first time today since the pow-wow in October. He looked at him and said that he was not mad at my brother. Oh, he is not mad but he turned all the pictures of my brother and his wife backwards in his house. My sister went up to him and he was cold to her. He still thinks she is behind social services and was trying to put him in a home. She was not trying to put him in a home but trying to get him cared for.

As for the new member of the family, my mom's sister's husband. He just eggs all this on. He is the reason my grandfather is mad with my sister and was mad with my brother. He tells my grandfather all sorts of lies about what they are trying to do. They are doing nothing. Since this man is always buying my grandfather something he believes everything he says. My grandfather is always bought and will always be bought. Whoever buys him the most gets his respect.

This past week, my grandfather confessed that he went to a lawyer with my mom's sister. He says he does not remember what he had done but he knows she manipulated something when he was not in his right mind. He says he does remember 5 witnesses coming in the room. None of which he knew. All five testified that they knew my grandfather and knew he was in his right mind at the time of the change of the will. He swears he did not know any of them.

So as for the drama in my life, it really has not changed. My mom still checks on him at least once a day, five days a week. She has it thrown in her face every few days that she may go up five days a week but she only stays about an hour or so but when her sister comes up just 2 days that she stays for several hours. Of course, this comes from her sister. Every time my mom reminds her that the last year of my grandmother's life that either her or my Dad were there 24 hours a day. The response from her sister... That was then and this is now. So then my mom says, WHATEVER! Then she does what she can and what she cant she doesn't with no shame or guilt.

But really , you should have seen the acting today. She could win an Academy Award.


The Brown Recluse said...

With this new information from your grandfather, *IF* anyone plans to contest the will based on manipulation, NOW would be the time to do it. I believe I would start with the lawyer, and tell him/her exactly what your grandfather did. No attorney wants to be a part of what you have described.

That corgi :) said...

I think Meg gave great advice about checking with the lawyer; it is sad that your aunt is such a manipulator that she is causing so much stress for the rest of you.