Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am struggling...

I am struggling with some things with my healthy lifestyle adjustments.

I am upset that for the last two weeks I have lost nothing.

I am burnt out on my breakfasts. I like a certain bread that Costco sells but can not always get to Costco to buy it. Costco is on the other end of town. I have tried other breads when I am out . Usually I will skip breakfast even if I make a sandwich out of another bread. Later in the day it becomes birdfood. I know that is wasteful but I just like that certain bread. I have to have something easy for breakfast that I can just grab out of my bag and eat in the car. I enjoy a peanut butter sandwich every day. I leave too early most days to fix something. The kitchen is also off of my Dad's room so I can not do too much messing around at that time in the morning because he is sleeping. I am just frustrated.

As for lunch, I am just as frustrated. I stopped eating school lunches because most of the time they are not worth the $2.75 I pay for them. That is sad. My dilemma is I am not always able to get to a microwave. Some days I can. I try to find lunches that when I am at certain schools that are good and do not need to be microwaved. Most of the time I resort to cold pizza or pasta salad. That is old now. I need a change. When I know I am a school with microwave access I have no problem. When I worked at the bookstore, I never worried about lunches. I knew I would have some vegetables from the chinese restaurant or Subway. I miss these options. I enjoy veggies for lunch but my options are few and far between.

HELP! Any suggestions.


The Brown Recluse said...

Do you have access to a refrigerator? If so, you could bag up some vegetables at night, and grab them for lunch on the way out the door.

I have found that cold grilled chicken can be even better than warmed up...

I would think that every school would have a microwave! I wonder if you don't know where it is?

After two weeks of not losing...maybe you could try something else. However, I've heard that the slower it comes off, the great probability that it stays off.

That corgi :) said...

Do you like protein bars, Becky? That could be a quick morning breakfast. I found a brand I like (ProtiMax I think they are called) that are 290 calories but 27 gm of protein. They keep me full filling most of the morning until lunch. Trouble is they can be a bit pricey (unless on sale I've seen them about $1.79 here) and I'm on a budget now, sometimes they used to be $1.00 each which isn't tht bad. Anyway, that could be a thought if you liked protein bars; they are quick and easy. Clueless about lunch since I work at home and haven't packed or taken a lunch in years. I like Meg's ideas with the veggies; you could always get a little cooler with ice (or ziplock bags with ice cubes in them work) to help keep the veggies cool for lunchtime.

hang in there; maybe it might be good to stay on plan and not weigh every week but every other week?