Saturday, March 19, 2011

I feel like a celebrity...

I do feel just like a celebrity when I go out in public these days.

It only goes to show you that you are being watched and you need to watch your actions.

You see everywhere I go now, someone knows me from being a substitute teacher or from our bookstore. I used to roll my eyes when we went out anywhere and everywhere and someone knew my mother...even in a hotel lobby in Louisiana. Now it has switched and some child knows me somewhere and every where. I know now not to show myself out in public.

Today I went to Busch Gardens for passmember preview day. Well I could give a rant in itself on that but the new owners of BG are not honoring some things from old owners of BG and somehow twisted it to look like it was our fault. Like I said, a whole different post on that.

I was standing in line to take the tram. This girl points at me and starts waving. Then she asks if I remember her. I hate this question because I see 80-90 different students a day if I am in middle or high school . Then I am usually a different teacher 5 days a week. Multiply this out... that is how many students I may see in a week. Sure honey, I remember you. I do remember most of the faces but not names. I smiled and just asked which school she went to and shook my head like oh yeah I remember you. This not only happens at BG, it happens in stores and restaurants.

Later in the day , I was walking with my nephew, my great friend , her son and her parents when a girl about 13 suddenly walks up to me like she has known me forever. I slightly recognized her but she remembered me. She was scared because her Dad was supposed to meet her at 5:30 at that spot and it was 5:40 and she could not find him. I was flabbergasted. My friend didn't know I had been stopped and she is walking ahead with her family and my nephew. I could not leave the poor girl stranded. I walked with her to the nearest concession stand in which the supervisor was there with a walkie-talkie. I asked him to help and he took over. I was torn between losing my party which included my nephew whom I was in charge of at the time and helping this little girl. ( NOTE: I am getting so old that I consider a 13 year old to be a little girl.) I stayed for a moment and made sure the girls were being cared for then caught up with my party.

On our way home, we exited the interstate and stopped at a stoplight near a local mall. Two teenagers were crossing the street right in front of my car. Once again, it was one of my students from a high school. He recognized me first and started waving to me. I waved back. I did know him because I frequent this high school and he is classified as a "runner". Nice kid but he will weedle a pass out of you for anything then he roams the halls for 30-40 minutes before returning but he always gets the pass because he is such a nice kid and negotiator.

Wow, I feel like I could not get away with anything anymore without someone seeing me somewhere.

So, I will be giving autographs out on Fridays at 3Pm for a fee of $5 a piece. At this rate I should have at least one fool. LOL!


The Brown Recluse said...

ut-oh! They will be watching you NOW‼‼ ☺

That corgi :) said...

and you wonder some days if it is worth it......they are coming up and asking you if you remember are making an impact.....even when the days are tough ones......hang in there!!