Sunday, October 24, 2010


Nothing has changed on the home front. We are 99% positive my mom was removed from the will. His neighbor came over to talk to him for three hours about how wrong he was and even backed it up with scripture but my grandfather was being bull-headed. He is using the Old Testament as his rightfulness about the oldest child inheriting everything.

My cousin who lives away stopped by to get a bed she had stored at his house. Let me correct myself, her husband went to get the bed. My grandfather could not understand why they were taking one of his beds. It was not one of his beds, it is theirs that they have stored there. He explained it to him three times and he still did not understand. He still thinks my cousin took one of his beds. Her husband had the same conversation with him about us living in New Testament times and the law about the oldest inheriting things is Jewish law. That led into the fact that my grandfather thinks that the scholars who wrote the KJV were all drunks. Needless to say the conversation went no where.

Now he wants our pastor to come talk to him so our pastor will tell him how right he is. My pastor does not want to because it will lead to arguments because he is wrong.

Now onto other things about him. My mom went to check on him Friday and left when he started in on how much he loves her BUT..... So she left before it started. She locked the house up and left him in his chair in the living room. We found out through my cousin that he ventured out in the yard. I dont know how he got down his garage steps because he is so weak. He was in his scooter around dusk when some people drove by that thought he looked in trouble so stopped to help. He yelled at them that he was fine. It brought the attention to the neighbor that checks on him. My grandfather yelled at him too that he was fine and could care for himself but refused to go inside. So the neighbor called my mom's sister, not my mom. The neighbor likes my mom and knows what is going on so he figured if my mom's sister is getting it all then she can handle all the problems. She arrived and was yelled at also that he can care for himself and has a paper from his doctor to prove it. My mom's sister refused to call my mom about this because she knows it is proof he is losing it. She keeps saying that he is fine and in his right mind because he says he is and anything Daddy says is truth. I can just tell you that this couple driving by saw something that caused them to be concerned enough to drive by several times before stopping to help him.

Please continue to pray for my family, especially my mom. This is utter rejection to her as a child of his.


That corgi :) said...

will pray, Becky. Only God can restore these relationships so I will continue to pray. It is sad that your aunt is allowing your grandfather to act like this and potentially remove your mom from the will. It is sad that she is helping tear the family apart instead of being on your mom's side and rallying for her to be included in the will

Keep documenting all the incidents of your grandfather's that he is not able to take care of himself, perhaps someone will see that he truly can't and step in to try to keep him safe in his final days

it really is such a sad situation.....


Marcia said...

Becky, Maybe, just maybe it is better your mother is removed from the will. Meaning, when he passes, your mom can grieve and wash her hands of things. Your aunt wanted "everything" well, she will be left with everything to clean up, and typically thats a huge job. Your family wont be any richer, or better off with your grandfathers things, so why really care? Stay strong, stand by your truth, and Try to remember your grandfather as the man you once loved. Remember he isnt in his right mind, and the way he is acting is because he has an illness. I know its easier said then done, but when you go there to help, and he pushes you away, accept that. All you can do is assist him right now, dont push what you want on him or he will be even harder to deal with. I am praying for you, and hope that this storm is over sooner then later, because I honestly believe there will be a rainbow when its over.

Hugs, and friendship Marcia