Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tired of the drama....Tired of it all.

I have not posted about my family drama in awhile. I still wont tonight. Just know it is still happening. Everyday. I mean EVERY DAY.

My parents have been tending to my grandfather for 24 hours a day 6.75 days a week. The .25 a day my aunt visits him. That is it. That is also between her going out of town for two to three weeks at a time.

He is losing control of his life. He has been a literal butt the last few days towards my parents and has acted like my aunt is the best thing on earth. No I will not regret saying he has been a butt because he has.

My mom's sister, formerly known as my aunt has been verbally and mentally abusive to my mother for the past year. She says things on the phone with no witnesses and then when approached by someone she denies saying it. She is the queen of lies and manipulation.I have heard her say these things on the cell phone myself but says I lie. Then accuses my mom of lying. My mom can not tell a lie. Now this woman has turned her new husband in the situation and he hates my mom and thinks my mom is the bad one. He is brainwashed by her. She has the conversations with my mom when he is outside or visiting his kids. She is good. Why should we expect anything less from him though ? He lied on his Eharmony application about his age. He
said he was 72 and he was 78.

I am so tired of the one doing the work and being the good one being dogged. When will it finally be the good one wins over evil? My grandfather made her this way because she was "his" child and my mom was my grandmother's. In the end of both lives , my mom has been the one caring for them both.

When will this all be over? I hate the stress.

Please pray. Please pray. Please pray . I write this with tears in my eyes. I am so tired of it all.

As a family, well my immediate family. We are supposed to go to my mom's sister's for Thanksgiving and pretend we are one happy family but we are not. I really think I am going to be the first to make the phone call that I will not be there at her house on Thanksgiving. That is suppposed to be a relaxing family day. I have hated going to her house since her and I had words a few years ago in NY at the Rockefeller Center. A nice holiday should not be misery.

This has to stop some time. She has the reap the repercussions of her ways.

Well I said I wouldn't post about the drama but I did. This is only a smidgen. If I posted everything it would be a book and it would make your head spin.

Do I care that some rare chance that she may read this? NOPE I don't because I have posted the truth. You can not keep dogging our mother and father and manipulating my grandfather and expect respect or the perfect "Rockwell " holiday picture. Nope , you can't.

I am tired. I am done.


The Brown Recluse said...

With all this drama, I can't imagine that any of your immediate family would go to her house for dinner.

The next time auntie shows up for her .25 hour shift, your parents may consider walking away and letting her deal with him for the rest of the night. She's his child, too.

That corgi :) said...

(((Becky))) I am so sorry; you are on my prayer list; praying for you. I know this is hard to do because your aunt is not an honorable person, but take the high road and don't compromise that. What really matters is living a life that pleases Jesus. What your parents and you are doing to help your grandfather is awesome and you should all be proud of that. Don't let your aunt bring you guys down with anything she says or does. Don't go and spend Thanksgiving with her, but don't ever compromise your goodness for her antics and sink down to her level.