Friday, October 15, 2010

Never Stops...

My dad went up to my grandfather's this morning to make sure he had breakfast. He is stubborn and was told not to but he did anyways. He was greeted with an inquiry as to why he was here. Then my grandfather went on to tell him that he has no beef against my father it is all against my mother and she was the reason for all the turmoil yesterday. He still says she yelled at him. He is 99.9 % totally deaf. I can sit right in his ear and talk to him and he wont hear me. So even if she did yell how did he hear it. She said she did not yell. He said he is going to have a neighbor take him to a lawyer to remove my mom from the will.

In last post, I do think you read that last night he had turned on my father. This just proves he has lost it mentally. My mom has reached the conclusion that he needs to be evaluated for competency but her sister will not agree with it. Her sister and him are still going to the doctor on Monday to deem him able to care for himself. Her sister is coniving and threatening and this doctor will do it. She has a way to manipulate all men. She wants to be able to tell my grandfather that it was my mother who deemed him incompetent so she can look like the angel.

Social Services was called and they were ready to intervene after talking to my sister. My sister agreed to give it through the weekend.

We just received a call from my grandfather's neighbor. He heard all the yelling yesterday and wanted to check in on things. He has been asked to get the name and number of my grandfather's realtor so that my grandfather can deed the house to my mom's sister. It is unbelievable.

I just still do not understand the conflict of good and evil. I thought good was supposed to win out but in the situation , it is evil.

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That corgi :) said...

glad Social Services was called, Becky.

just keep trusting in God; he sees what is going on. He knows everyone's heart. Why he is allowing this, I don't know, but trust in him.

try to do something fun for yourself this weekend, Becky, I know it has been a very stressful time for all so try to step back from it for a little time if you can