Thursday, October 14, 2010


There has been a pow-wow going on at my grandfather's house for over 3 hours. The last update I had was that it was a screaming match and that my mom's sister was telling more lies.

First let me tell you... My grandfather has been on my mom's back for three months to take him to a lawyer and remove her sister from the will. My mom has refused.

Today, her sister and husband actually stayed last night. It is a miracle. She never stays. My grandfather is mad at my mom for yelling at him when he said something derogatory against my father. Update... My mom said, she did not yell at him that she walked away from the conversation. My father who has stayed at his house every night for almost a year to care for him and for my grandmother at the time. My mom felt he had no right to down my father.

My mom receives a phone call that my grandfather is wanting my aunt's husband to take him to a lawyer to remove my mom from the will. He was really going to take him. My mother informed her of the requests for the past three months but was told she was lying. Then my grandfather says that if he said that then he was not in his right mind. So my mom told her to call her son-in-law, he also was asked to take him to a lawyer to remove my mom's sister and refused. He verified it was true.

So last I heard at 4:30 was there was a screaming match and that my very even tempered brother was up there for my mom' s witness and moral support and he was yelling too. I was told my aunt just keeps telling lie after lie after lie. How she keeps them all straight , I don't know but she does.

So please continue to pray. They all are still up there and I know nothing.

As for the question of leaving my mom's sister with my grandfather on that .25 a day. She will leave him and then say my parents should have shown up to take care of him. That happened the other day when my father arrived 5 minutes after she left. In that 5 minutes my grandfather fell and she said it was my father's fault for not being there 5 minutes sooner.


That corgi :) said...

will keep praying, Becky. It is a sad situation all around.


The Brown Recluse said...

I think you all should walk away.

Marcia said...

Its so sad,that Prayers are not enough. Walking away for a little wile, and calming nerves might be the right idea. I know you love him, but at some point if he does not want help, dont push. Your mom and dad are a strong unit, YOUR family should bond together and not worry about your aunt. Let her take care of him, and see how hard it is, she might just change her tune.