Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A funny thing happened....

A funny thing happened at lunch today with my nephew at school. Between my sister and I we meet him everyday for lunch at school. ( Yes, he is spoiled but he is still adjusting to how long the school day is so we meet him for lunch and it breaks up his day. )Anyways, I go on the day she works. I understood that she was working a half-day today and would not be at lunch so I went. Much to my surprise , she showed up too.

This was very confusing to his fellow kindergarten friends. See my sister and I look alike so everyday they thought we were the same person. One kid, Tyrone, would always say, "Cameron, your mom is here." I would respond, " I am his aunt." The other days it really was his mom. When Tyrone sat down he looked at us and said.." Cameron, do you have two mommies?" My sister and I just laughed. Oh my the rumors will fly soon. We did try to explain to him that I was the aunt and his Mommy's sister but was he listening was the question.

This is the same class that last week one of the little boy's told my sister that his daddy was going to be mad at him. She asked why.He proceeded to tell her that he was going to tell his mommy that his daddy slept with another woman last night. Remember these are kindergartners.

Oh the odes of public school. Sad to say though, private school may not be any different.


a corgi said...

so neat you/your sister have lunch with your nephew/her son; all day school is hard to adjust to for both the parent and the kids; its a long time to be away from family; I bet your little nephew looks forward to it!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Worked in the public school system for 24 years.....kids really do say the darnest things!! I miss the little .....ugh....what word to i use!!