Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday from Lilbit the cat

Thankful Thursday from the me the cat, LILBIT!

Thank you for the bright sunshine and warmth for me to take just one of my many naps in a day.

Thank you for black hair bands , you know the one you see in the picture that I am guarding by my left front leg .My missy bought them for herself than I hijacked and use them for fetch and tug of war. I didn't even let her keep one. I would see them on her vanity and steal them . Now they are all mine, did I say ALL MINE!

Thank you for my missy's big feet so I can attack them and bite them on her way to the shower. Oh it is so fun!

Thank you for bathroom faucets. I do have a water cup but I much prefer to drink the drips out of the bath tub faucet.

Thank you for my missy's recliner that I sleep in all day except at night when I allow her to sit in it.

Thank you for my missy's bed. As soon as I hear her get up I go and steal the warm spot. That is so nice of her to warm it for me all night.

Thank you for my food. My missy always gives me some though I never beg for my food . I only beg for her ice cream! Though I only want a little but it is soo good.

Thank you for my missy seeing me that day at the SPCA and falling in love with me. I was so cute and little at the time. Well, hmmh, I still am cute, at least I think.

Thank you for my Big Mrs. finding me in my neighbor's backyard after I escaped for five days last October. I really was scared and skinny. I know now that house I am stuck in is safe and warm. I won't do that again.

Thank you for that little boy, I think the Mr. and Mrs. call him their grandson and missy calls him her nephew. I do love him and he is my buddy. I do miss him not being here as much now that he started school. Though I do not miss hiding all my toys from him. Now I do not have to hide all my rubber bands and fluffy balls under the television stand anymore. Uh-Oh, I hear him coming... I have to get busy... BYE!


Jessie said... is nice to have those lovely companions! Although I don't have a cat, I have three dogs that I LOVE. Sometimes they seem to listen when no one else will!

Thanks for the encouraging comment. I appreciate your prayers greatly!!

a corgi said...

Becky; so cute! I love how you did Thankful Thursday from Lilbit! such a joy she must bring you!