Monday, November 24, 2008

Damage Control... Holiday Stress

This evening the last thing I wanted to do was go to the Y and workout. You see I had let one bad choice today control my thoughts. The bad choice was a whole meatball sub. The thoughts were rapid. The first one, you already blew it today with the meatball sub so just keep going. It is Thanksgiving week , you know you will blow it Thursday so keep going. The third, well its the holidays, you might as well just forget your lifestyle change and have fun. Oh the devil was having fun in my head. What did I do? Well I came home, ate dinner and went to the Y. Oh boy, I did not want to go to the Y but I did . I had some serious thoughts during my 25 minute elliptical workout and 25 minute circuit training. What were those thoughts, you ask? Ok , here goes. I am proud of me for being here, first off I know this is a bad week with Thanksgiving celebrations but I am not going to let that control my whole week. I am here now and performing damage control. If I over indulge on Thursday, it is ok, it is only one day. I will just have to get my booty up and out at the Y as much as possible this week. I can and I will. I was also thinking about a conversation today about seeing people who you don't see often and will know you have gained weight. We all dread this. I had the same situation this Saturday for a baby shower. It was for a friend I have known all of my life. I had not seen him or his wife nor his family in awhile, nor some mutual workmates from years ago. I did not want to go but I put on my big girl panties and went. Luckily, only one former workmate was there and she was nice. My friends and their family embraced me like I had just seen them yesterday. They were friendly. In fact I received an email from one today stating that she thought I looked great and could tell I had lost weight. Well that day totally went the opposite of what I thought it would. It was actually encouraging. My next thought was on stress eating, yep that includes holiday stress. I need to take control of my eating and not my emotions. I can not blame situations. I have to blame me. The situation did not make me eat the taco, chips, soda, whipped cream, cookie, the whole pizza or the whole sub. I chose to , I chose to let the emotions control me and not me control the emotions. I need to remember this and use it as mental training in the midst of this economy, work stress, home stress and holiday stress. It is hard but I can take control. I can choose to journal, walk, exercise, read, pray, etc. If I am insistent on eating , I can make healthier choices, instead of chips, choose a crisp salad, instead of chips, choose pretzels, popcorn, etc. I need the control not the food. It is my prayer to remember these thoughts and revelations each day when faced with the stress of life, work, family and the holidays. As for the holidays, I can control my choices before the big day and I will . I will continue to go to the Y even when I don't want to because when I come home I feel great and I love that feeling. ( By the way, off the subject, I cant get the paragraphs on blogger again, so sorry this is one big thought)


Meg said...

I've been exactly where you are. You have the right mindset, and you can do this.

a corgi said...

I think you are doing good Becky to realize what you need to do to get healthy and to eat healthy; going to the gym is a great stress reliever plus good for the body for weight loss; keeping it as part of your routine this holiday season from now until after the first of the year will be of immense help in helping to control overeating, etc. Like Meg said, you can do this!!