Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I have been going through some personal struggles that have left me wondering if I was thankful for anything at this stage in my life. I have contemplated it for these few Thankful Thursdays and decided that maybe this would life my spirits.

I am thankful for
  • God's love... he is always there we just have to find him and get our minds off "me"
  • My beautiful nephew... Praise the Lord for adoption
  • The love of my nephew... he loves for me for who I am
  • My parents
  • My grandparents, she is 90 and he is 94
  • My health, last year was pretty scary
  • My preschool sunday school class... oh I love those kids
  • My siblings... even when we argue, we were all blessed with different opinions
  • My handsome orange tabby cat... even though he plopped on my stomach at least 15 times this morning because he felt I needed to get up
  • Roof over my head
  • Food in the cupboards, refrigerator and freezer
  • DVR
  • Clean clothes
  • Running water
  • YMCA-cheap membership so I can work out and work my frustrations out
  • Blogger and my followers that let me vent
  • Jen, for reading the long emails I can not blog about

Well, actually I could go on but I will save some for next Thursday.


a corgi said...

Becky, so thankful you did a Thankful Thursday! it is neat to read these in people's journals today. We really do have a lot to be thankful for don't we? I'm so thankful the Lord laid it upon my heart to do Thankful Thursday last week and to make it a weekly event; we can always find so much to gripe about, but I think its neat to take the time to write down and think what we have to be thankful for; thanks for participating!

neat your nephew is adopted; both my kids are!

you are a gem to teach Sunday school!

take care of yourself


Meg said...

Now, I think this is a mighty fine list indeed. It takes a special person, in my opinion, to teach preschoolers AND love it. lol