Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I am taking the day off and not worrying today about what I consume. Tomorrow I am back on track. Someone made me wedding cookies yesterday. Oh my! The are my weakness. Thank goodness they only gave me twelve. This morning I had my annual Thanksgiving breakfast of sausage balls. I did not over indulge because they were delicious. I listened to my tummy and it said to stop. My taste buds say we want more but my tum-tum says that is enough.

I am celebrating the afternoon at my aunt's house. This is a stressful day because she is a stressful person. She acts like she is OCD. She will freak out if you accidentally drop one little morsel on the floor. The kids can not even play without the parents worrying about anything being broke. She freaks no matter where they play. Even if they play toys on the bed she will fuss that her bedspread is out of place. If they play on the floor she worries about the carpet. This year we have been informed that all 20 of us must eat in her dining room and sun room. OK for some houses that might not be bad. For hers though, it only holds about 12 comfortably in both rooms. She wants a Norman Rockwell moment where we are all at the table. Great but my family is hefty and 20 people for a table of 8 and 4 is not happening. Why she wants us to come to her house is beyond me except for the fact she puts us all to work after eating with getting her Christmas decorations down. See actually she uses us. So while all of you enjoy your afternoon with your family, I will enjoy parts of it but being at her house is far from enjoyable. It is all we can do to tolerate. She also informed us that if we eat at 2 no one can leave before 4. What a dreadful day! I will enjoy being with my grandparents since they are 90 and 94 and going downhill fast. I will tolerate her for their sake as long as they are alive. Well have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for letting me vent.

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a corgi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Becky!!! Those sausage balls sound delicious!! its sad your aunt can't just enjoy the day without putting so many limits on it; hoping you found some joy with being with your grandparents; I bet they have wonderful stories to share :)