Monday, May 3, 2010

Still hanging on

I had a appointment today with my doctor so I did not make it up to the hospital until later in the evening, plus I was babysitting my nephew.

My doctor was concerned because my BP was not high but not normal either. I explained to him that if he had been through the night I had , his BP would not be normal either. I just told him that I was in the ER all night with both my grandparents. His eyes got wide. He then asked if my grandparents were the ******'s. I verified it. He was stunned. He said , he also did not get any sleep because he was the on-call doctor for this hospital last night and was the admitting and attending doctor for them last night. We were both shocked. I told him I knew it was Dr. ##### but never thought with such a common name that it was him. He came to my grandmother's room but I was in the ER with my grandfather at the time. He made one statement during my appointment... Your grandfather is going to pull through. I then told him about my grandfather releasing his secrets about money and things that he has never done before. He then said... well maybe he knows more than both of us.

My grandmother is still not doing well. She is out of it and sad most of the time. I prayed last night if this is the way she will be then to just take her on to Heaven.

We rolled my grandfather down to her room tonight. He held her hand and cried and told her he loved her. She knew he was there . She quieted down and calmed down the whole time he was there. She was trying to say some things but most of it was not comprehendible. I did make out that she told him " Lets get out of here." She rubbed his bald head and held his hand. I got a picture but for family reasons will not post it.I wanted to remember the moment forever. Some family members emotionally can not see her this way. He then prayed a prayer with her. He asked God to take her tonight and end her miserable life here on earth. We all just cried.

I stayed with him most of the evening. My grandmother has an aid in her room. We communicated through the communication board and had a heart to heart. I told him about my prayer and he cried and thanked me because that is his wish too. That is time I can never take back with him.

God granted me something else tonight. He granted me a few moments with my grandmother and she knew who I was this time. The last few visits in the last two weeks, she either did not know I was there or I was a lot of people but not Becky, her granddaughter. Tonight I was Becky, her granddaughter. Her eye was open and she saw me. I spoke to her and her legs started moving because she was so excited. Told me she wasn't doing well in mumbles and for me to get her out of here. I told her I wanted her to sleep tonight . She mumbled she would try. I held her hand and told her I loved her. I dropped her hand on accident because her body jerked and she went looking for my hand again. I reminded her that my grandfather came to see her tonight and she started babbling away some jargon. I knew she was telling me about his visit. She accidentally coughed in my face and mumbled she was sorry. I ensured it was ok. She asked for my mom. So she knew which daughter I belonged to. Told us her legs hurt in a mumble. Then off she went back to not knowing who I was again. Thank you God for those few minutes.

Please continue to uplift the two of them in your prayers. Both of them are fighting for the sake of the other but if this is the life she will live, he would not want it. We all know when she passes he will not be far behind. After 72 years of marriage, they want to always be together.

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(((Becky))) lifting you all up in prayer.