Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heaven Called....

Our prayers were answered at around 9 AM in this morning. My grandmother exhaled around that time and then entered the gates of Heaven. No pain, no gasping, no death rattle she just never took another breath. Very peaceful! Thank You God for ending her earthly pain and calling her to peaceful Heaven! My grandfather, her husband of 72 years was right in the room with her when her earthly body stopped and her spirit made its peaceful transition.

I had a short discussion with my 7 year old nephew at the park today. There is a school park right across the street from their house. I asked him if he knew where his Meme was . He said, yep she is in Heaven. I said, yes she is and she is dancing the jitterbug. I showed him the jitterbug that she used to love to do. He looked at me and said... Meme is dancing the jitterbug with Jesus. I smiled and loved the thought. Then the song... "I Can Only Imagine " kept playing in my head. What a celebration my grandmother had today. I will miss her but she is happy and can see with both her eyes and can dance the jitterbug again.

The above picture was her last month at a restaurant for my grandfather's 96th birthday. She was such a pretty woman.

Fefe .... I love you and well done good and faithful servant. Dance and I will see you one day.
I had finished this post and was heading to bed but I wanted to write about this memory. My grandmother always said that I was born so late in the grandchildren line that she would never see me graduate. I was 14 years after the oldest grandchild. My grandmother battled eye cancer and lost her eye to cancer when I was in my preteens. She was telling everyone then that she definitely would never see me graduate high school. She even took my graduation money and hid it in the family Bible and gave my mom instructions to give it to me when I graduate because she wanted me to have what the other grandchildren had for graduation . She just knew she would not make it until 1991. Well not only did she see me graduate high school. She saw me graduate community college in 1997 and Christopher Newport University in 2000. She also lived to see three of her five great-grandkids graduate high school and missed the oldest great-grandchild graduate from college by one day had he chosen to walk at the ceremony. What an accomplishment. What a memory!


The Brown Recluse said...

((((Becky)))) Your family is in my thoughts this weekend.

That corgi :) said...

(((Becky)) I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Your grandmother sounded (and looked) like such a beautiful woman! she is out of pain and is with Jesus; what an awesome thing to think about as you remember her and as you grieve. She's also waiting for you all to join her one day! Thank you Lord that her passing was a smooth one; I had prayed for that indeed

hugs to you all