Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh where oh where did the TomTom go!

The new TomTom GPS that my mom received for Christmas went missing. We discovered this as we were getting ready to head to over to Virginia Beach to the Cheesecake Factory and to the Boardwalk Christmas lights. We backtracked to our business where was the last place she remembered having it in her hands. No TomTom. We went back home and searched and searched and searched, no TomTom. I prayed that it would show up but no TomTom. We finally went and picked up my sister and her family who were already mad we were late because we couldn't find our TomTom, she was doubly mad because she gave it to my mom for Christmas. My mom is now in tears and then my brother in law said he didn't want to go because he said my mom would ruin their night because she was upset. She did eventually calm down but still no TomTom. She worried and worried but tried not to show it. When we got home we went back to our business and looked all over her desk. No TomTom. I was beginning to think that she accidentally left the car unlocked this afternoon and someone took it. We came back home, looked all over the computer, her room, no TomTom. Then I told her to pick up the bag I had from Sunday School and lo and behold there was Betsy, the TomTom. How did Betsy get there since we do know the route to church, she has only driven it for 55 years? I know, I rode with her today to save gas and she slammed her brakes on two times and things went flying. I have to assume that the TomTom dropped in my bag then because I had no reason to have the TomTom in my Sunday School bag. I don't need GPS to teach preschoolers. Well sometimes I need some serious help but never what a GPS can help me with unless I may neeed to find one of the munchkins. ( It has happened during a presentation, she went and sat with her aunt and I did not know it, really scared me.) Well anyways despite the upset, TomTom was found and my prayer was answered but in God's time not mine. Thank you.


a corgi said...

thank you Lord for finding Betsy!! in our house Betsy is called Stella and she comes in real handy sometimes

Happy New Year!


Jenn said... glad you found it. I can imagine how you all must have felt.

We haven't named ours but we lose ours sometimes too for a short period of time when we switch cars. Did you make it to the Lights? We haven't been for a while but they're really nice to see!