Saturday, December 6, 2008

I have a secret...

Shhhh!... But my secret is.... Oh my!..... There is a dozen KK doughnuts in my kitchen. Well , less than a dozen now... Shh!.... Really I have not had even one. There are six missing but I have not had a desire for even one. Can you believe it, KK doughnuts and I have not even had one? I am in shock myself.

I am off to eat some steamed spinach for my midnight snack. That is what I want, not a KK doughnut. I can not believe it, can you?


a corgi said...

yea!!! that's neat Becky!!!! I'm proud of you for making better food choices!!!

took me a minute to figure out what KK stood for;do you know where we used to live in Montana they didn't have a KK store until the last summer before we moved and when they opened the lines for the drive through were several blocks long and it was next to impossible to get a parking place close by to go in? And after my son (which I think was a wise move on my part LOL) had several dozen of them over a couple week period he grew tired of them? I haven't had one in the 2 years we've been down here in California where they are abundant

good for you though!!!!!!


Jessie said...

Good for you!!! That is awesome. I'm glad that you had a good Thanksgiving and everything went well. Hope that you have been staying a little warmer in all this cold weather!

Jenn said...

I don't think I would have been that good:( We're trying to lose weight too but I need to get more motivated! I've just started WW again. Mike's Blood Pressure has been up so we're doing it together. SO happy for you!