Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blonde Moment....

One of the many reasons I color my hair blond is to match my personality. Shhh! Don't tell everyone my secrets.

I went to the Y last week and saw that they were trying to "GO GREEN!" They are using cloth towels now instead of paper towels for the members to wipe the equipment down after use. This particular day was the first day for offering the cloth towels so they still had the paper towels available for someone like me, a blond. I grabbed my paper towel and cleanser and was on the equipment thinking hard about this "GO GREEN " thing. I was thinking it is really neat that are doing this but I do not know where to get a clean towel . I saw the two buckets, one labeled clean towels and the other labeled dirty towels. I just could not comprehend where the towels were that I was supposed to use. I understood that if you took a towel and did not use it then it would go in the clean towel bucket. I also understood that if you used the towel , it would go in the dirty bucket. By the way, I did not mention that both of these buckets were like kitchen trash cans with a cover, so I could not see in them. I kept going from machine to machine thinking and thinking. I finally let it go and thought they had a lot of people that used the towels and they were out of them. On my last piece of equipment the light came on in my head.... Can you guess? DUH! You get the clean towels out of the clean towel bucket and when you are through they are considered dirty and go in the dirty towel bucket. Nobody who takes a towel will keep it clean when it's purpose is to be used. What a revelation! Really I did graduate from high school, a community college and a university .... Priceless, well I should not say priceless, the degrees cost a lot especially for me to be so ditsy sometimes. I think I over think things sometimes, I often do that with my nephew's kindergarten homework too.

Sorry if I offended any blonds who are smart. Obviously I am not one of them. I think I may have colored my hair too much and the chemicals are seeping in my brain.

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a corgi said...

LOL Becky! I've had moments like this too :)