Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm so cold.....

I am so cold. It is about 33 outside which is early cold for my area. Usually it is this cold January-April here. Yes, April sometimes. I went out to our city's hollydazzle tonight. It is a real nice night of strolling, caroling, bells, crafts and hot beverages. The highlight is the fireworks around the fountain before the city tree is lit. This was one of the first years it was actually cold for a Christmas event. After that my mom and I went for our new tradition that started last year at Waffle House. It was freezing in there too. They had accidentally turned the heat off. I was sitting there in my winter coat and scarf freezing. Now I am home and can not get warm. I don't wear socks to bed but tonight may be a socks night.

Well off to find some socks and all the blankets in the house.

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a corgi said...

hope you have warmed up by now Becky; I remember those days living in Montana; LOL its warm sunny California and I still wear socks to bed; I have cold feet

glad you had a nice evening with your mom at hollydazzle