Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas play pictures

Christmas through the eyes of a child.... Including the collie dog in the right corner. And yes we have sheperhesses and only one shepherd. What can you do when you have mostly girls, you improvise.

No time to explain them now but I have to post some cute pictures of the kids I teach at church and their Christmas play. Now realize out of 10 kids, 7 are under 5. I was exhausted. My nephew is the one wearing the yellow tie and he was also Joseph. It was a great Sunday even though the
the preacher ended early and cut our Christmas party real short. I mean real short, we had just sat them down to have snacks. Needless to say they were packed up and sent home.
Well I am late for work.
PS... Thanks to Jen over at
http://www.jennturnage.blogspot.com/ for letting me steal her photos. I was so busy helping direct that I did not get any photos. Her son was the wiseman in the yellow hat. He is also wearing the Christmas sweater on the back right in the singing photo. Oh yeah, her baby, Hannah was baby Jesus.


Jessie said...

How precious! What a wonderful ministry that you have, teaching these sweet children the way of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Having directed Christmas plays too, you don't always get a chance to take pictures so it's nice that you can rely on the parents for those great pictures!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

a corgi said...

so cute!! I love programs like this; I like to watch the little ones act; they are so adorable, especially when they look out into the audience for their parents!

I like how you improvised and worked with what you had!

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas Becky!!