Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shower time....

I get to take a shower tomorrow.WOOHOO! I am excited. I have not had a shower in 4 days. Should I tell secrets like that? I am clean people. All parts that need to be cleaned have been cleaned. I have taken sponge baths in the kitchen. Good thing the house behind us is  empty because they would have seen a New Orleans Mardi Gras flashing in that window... the mini-blind is stuck.

My Mom's first splurge with her inheritance was redoing the bathroom to a handicap bathroom. It was supposed to be a 2 day job... this is me people does anything go right? NO...but it is done now and tomorrow I get to take a shower.I am so excited. I am someone that has to shower everyday and wash my hair. One day of leaning over the kitchen sink was fine... but not 3.

Noodle Nest.... don't say I cant rough it... for me those 3 days were roughing it and I get to have running water all over my body tomorrow and not just where I can squirt it with the kitchen water sprayer.

Woohoo! Come on 6:15 AM.

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