Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well.I went to a medical express place. I had to practically beg for an antibiotic. Doc tried to tell me bronchitis is viral and MOST people do not respond to antibiotic. I AM NOT MOST PEOPLE! I know my body and will fight this for 3-4 weeks before getting better. He finally wrote the prescription for that, an inhaler and codeine cough medicine.

How am I now? I am fine as long as I don't eat, talk, sleep or exercise. What else can I do but sit and do nothing,now? Last night was the worst night so far. Codeine used to put me to sleep as a child but now it is a stimulant. I was up all night and I coughed all night because I could hear the congestion rattle. I hate that.

Hope I feel better soon.

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