Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I still exist..... yet again, I need a new keyboard.When this happens I don't post that often. I need to stop buying cheap keyboards. The o and the spacebar stick on this keyboard.

Anyways... wanted to tell you about something I tried tonight from Sonics.... A hot fudge milkshake...oh it is so good.

Noodle Nest....I also had your favorite....Old fashioned Cherry Coke.

Hope to post more soon.

One more thing, I had a bad day subbing one class yesterday.The kids were rude,mean and told me to do something in very foul language. student came into class acting like a fool. He did not say anything bad just acting foolish cause he had a sub. One larger student that I have often looked at him and said...."Oh no man, you are not acting like that with her, she is the sweet sub." I dont consider myself sweet when working cause I can hold my own and be strong but this kid considered me sweet and defended me. He made me feel good.

Toodles.... allergies killing me and I am heading to bed.

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