Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forever Friend....

This post is not meant to offend any of my friends. It is a tribute to a friend that has been in my life almost all of my life. She is my FOREVER FRIEND. I have been reminded lately that life is too short not to tell people how you feel.



Someone that you have known all your life.

Someone you used to play with all the time. I remember eating grapes your Dad grew on the side of the garage. I remember your Mom watching me a few times that my Mom was working.

Someone that you can not talk to for a few weeks or months yet know you are not mad at each other.

Someone that you can not talk to for a few weeks or months yet talk to them today and you would never know that you didn't talk to them everyday.

Someone that just stands there and listens when you need to talk even though you are babbling and babbling.

Someone that you buy a Christmas gift for every year even though it takes you until June some years to actually give it to them but they don't care. I think actually one year, it was the next December.

Someone that hears through the grapevine that you are in the hospital and does not get upset that she hears it that way. Instead she calls around to find where I am then when she gets off work, buys flowers and comes and sees you. I can never express how I felt when I saw you at a distance at the nurse's station when I was being rolled back from a test. I knew beyond a doubt you were there to see me. I may not have expressed things at the time... I was in a daze most of the time but there were tears when I saw you.

Someone that is so eager to provide a meal for your family when you are having rough times.

Someone that you let in your house no matter how messy your house is... this house is always messy.

Somoeone that understands what your are saying when there are things that go unsaid... they just know.

Someone that has seen you at your worst ,in your jammies and at your best heading to church.

Forever friend goes beyond any title I could give you. Best friends can come and go . Close friends can do the same. I have a list of names that had those titles that are no longer around.

Forever Friend is much stronger of a name and very rare......Literally, I know you will be my friend, forever.

I hope that I am at least half the Forever Friend you are to me.

Thank you, Angela.

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