Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Thursday Laughter.

First off this afternoon I am taking a very hard literacy test that is four hours long which will decide on what the next chapter of my career life may hold.

This morning my mother went to Wal-Mart to order a party tray of chicken for a rehearsal dinner I am catering tomorrow. She came back with Wal-Mart chicken tenders, fried okra and potato wedges. Aside from being fattening, it really was a bad choice for me on a test day. Okra has a way of working through my body real fast , if you know what I mean. Sorry to get personal. So I only ate a few knowing in just a few hours I will be in a room for four hours testing. My mom said, " it can't work that fast." Hmmh, I know better.

All this salt and fried food , I wanted more than water. I walked down to Dollar General and was trying not to get a carbonated soda. I picked the Dragonfruit Vitamin Water. I came back drank a bit and then decided to research exactly what dragonfruit was. So ok , it is the fruit of the cactus species. Well ok, I kept reading and this is what wikipedia said.."In Mauritius, it is known as "D├ębousse-to-fesse" because of its laxative properties."
WHAT!!! That is the last thing I need right now.

Needless to say the vitamin water is now in the refrigerator for another day and I am drinking water. Whooh! I am glad I did some research.

Now pray for me this afternoon to do the best that I can and that I have no unplanned interruptions during the four hours.

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