Friday, May 22, 2009

Cats,,, yes there are 2 now

I am in trouble now... Fluffy has adopted a buddy. I would not call them buddies because Fluffy is more the body guard of this "just barely over being a kitten" cat. He is so pretty. My indoor cat is a very orange tabby this cat is a snowy orange tabby. Make sense. He looks like my cat that has been playing in the snow. I think I am going to call him Snowball. It has taken him, I assume it is a him I have not checked yet, three days to let me touch him. He has the cutest baby meow. Oh I wish I could take him in but my cat says, " NO-NO".
The above photo is a blurry camera phone picture, please forgive me. The one to the left is snowball and he is not as big as he looks. The one on the right is Fluffy and he is as big as he looks.

Oh and the update on Fluffy, he really is not a stray. He belongs one street over. My down the street neighbor told me he belongs behind her but he does not like them. He also is not a he but a she and has been spayed and rabied. My neighbor also feeds him but he spends 90% of the time at my house. She talked with his "real" owners and they do not care . They are just happy she is being taken care of. I think I have figured out the mysterious car that drove down our street one day while I was holding Fluffy. The slowed down right in front of my house, smiled and waved. I did not know them but I assume Fluffy did.

I know a few weeks ago, I blogged that I would not feed two outdoor kitties but I confess I have. I have a big heart for orange tabbies evidently. I promise I will not feed three.... but then again if it is another orange tabby then I am in trouble.

You sure none of you want one of these sweet orange tabbies? Fluffy will bring you nice presents occasionally, I received two in one week.

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Jen said...

They just love u b/c u feed them:~)

We had a stray around here for a while. It was a black and white long haired cat.

Mike called her "Harlot" b/c she wandered around. I had to clean it up for the girls so I told them Daddy was calling her "Charlotte"