Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hoarder... Yep that is me

I took a few minutes to somewhat straighten a little bit of my bedroom this evening. I have now discovered that I am a shoe hoarder. It is not that I love shoes. I wear a size 12 W. That is not the easiest size to find in women's shoes. I also have plantar fascisitis sometimes so every size 12W is not good for me. I was straightening my shoes and I do believe there were about 20 pair. Some may say for a woman that is not much. Well I am a woman but I do not have a shoe fetish. These 20 shoes are shoes I do not wear. Six of these shoes are old tennis shoes that I do not wear anymore but I can not get rid of them. This does not include the three tennis shoes that I rotate right now. One for exercising, one for lawn mowing and one for casual. There were about four pair of generic crocks that I have not worn this year yet because I have a new pair of real Crocs that I love. Surprise, surprise, I actually found a real pair of Crocs that fit and they are a cute Mary Jane style. There are also four pair of leather sandals in which three are identical but very worn. I just cant throw them out. I have two pair of black clogs, identical but one is worn ... See ,when I find them in my size and they fit I buy duplicates. There are also my blue slip-on butter cookie shoes that I have , one is almost worn out. I could go on and on. I actually wear probably three pairs of shoes mostly during the week.

I try to get rid of them but my inner-self says.. "You have such a hard time finding shoes, are you going to just throw them out. " " You should save the worn pair so you can wear them if the weather is bad." " What if you can't find any more in this color? Then you are going to wish you had them."

I didn't even talk about the two pair that are in the backseat of my car right now. No wonder I could not find my dressy black sandals last week they were in the car.



Jen said...


Seriously~it's very freeing!!!
Throw them out!!!

Meg said...

Put them away nice and neatly in another room or closet. If after six months or a year you haven't worn them, toss 'em!!

a corgi said...

I like what both Jen and Meg said. I use this lithmus test when struggling to get rid of something. Could someone use them more than me if I'm not using them (and with shoes that is difficult because if they are worn then someone probably couldn't get use out of them) and if I haven't used it or worn it in 6-12 months, I usually pass it on or sell it at a garage sale. What helps for me is we move every 1-2 years it seems so that's a good weeding out time for me.

I also try to remember that Jesus had so few things when he walked this world. He knew how glorious heaven was and he didn't need the things of this world. I try to remember I don't need those things but more of him :)

thanks for your comment welcoming me back :)

I'm writing more in a private blog, if you want an invite, drop me an email the corgi blog will be a lot of fluff.


Lyn said...

Just wanted to pop in and say HI! And thanks for the support on my blog! I realy appreciate it.

I had plantar fasciitis too for a long time, ouch. Very painful. Hope it gets better for you!

Winivere said...

They are shoes. You are a woman. Do the math. LOL... A woman can never have too many shoes, but only if she wears them all... If you don't like them, share the wealth with those who wish they could find shoes in your size. It's the Christian thing to do. Keep only shoes that you love and that are comfortable enough to enjoy wearing them. If you buy a new pair, donate an old pair. If you are not sure, donate them to the Salvation Army ~ somewhere where you can visit them and buy them back if you change your mind.