Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Dog Soup

Hot Dog Soup.. Oh boy! Sounds not so appetizing, huh. Well let me tell you what it really is. Hot Dog soup is really doctored up beans and weenies. See I made this for my grandparents a few months ago. They called my mom and told her that the hot dog soup that I had made was so good. I first wondered what they were talking about when it dawned on me it was the beans and weenies I fixed. I have fixed this several times and put it in their freezer, it is always the first dish to disappear. Who knew that hot dog soup could make a 91 and 95 year old couple so happy. Oh , you may be wondering what brought this up tonight. Well I had leftover hot dogs from a cookout and decided to make good use of them since I was hot dogged out. Just a quick note, my grandmother can not cook anymore so we make sure they have meals in the freezer they can microwave that will last them more than one day. They get Meals on Wheels (MOW) for lunch and we keep the freezer stocked for dinner. They do not like MOW but they deal with it. We have convinced them to freeze what they do not like .When I come up there I make a pot of soup for them. Last week I took four meals from the freezer and made a Brunswick type stew with those meals with a can of cream of chicken, onion and some seasonings. He was amazed at how good it was and the fact I made it out of MOW meals. Well blogger is giving me an attitude about starting a new paragraph. So for those of you are interested here is my hot dog soup recipe AKA beans and weenies. One package of hot dogs uncooked and chopped, one can of cheap pork and beans, one can of premium baked beans, one can of northern beans, a squirt or two of BBQ sauce ,a squirt or two of ketchup , and one can of corn..... Put all together in pan and boil and stir . That's it...... Becky's Hot Dog Soup


a corgi said...

that sounds delicious, Becky. I think its sweet how everyone makes meals for your grandparents to help them to be as independent as they can. I'll have to try that hot dog soup some time!


Theresa said...

We had that meal once a week when I was a little girl. Over the yrs, I've seen some add a little ground beef to it as well. Our sides were always applesauce and butter bread on that night of the week too!