Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pet Peeve and Soap Box...

Tonight I had a lovely evening at Busch Gardens for their Glory at the Garden with Mercy Me, Sanctus Real, and Stellar Kart. Well you may ask , what is my pet peeve at a Christian concert? It is Christian t-shirts. How come everyone thinks they should wear their Christian shirts at a Christian concert? Think about it. Oh, I am cool because I own a Christian shirt and am wearing it to Christian concert so everyone will know I am a Christian. Well majority of the people there are Christians already. It is the secular world that needs to see your Christian shirt. Obviously these people are not wearing them in every day life because the shirts do not look "worn". I work where we sell these shirts. The messages on them are for witnessing. I know which ones are old designs and new designs. Most of the people I saw this evening were wearing older designs yet they looked brand new. Do they buy them and store them in their closets for Christian events? That is not the purpose. My challenge to anyone that owns a Christian shirt. Wear it at more than to a Christian event. Wear it to be a witness and open opportunities to share your faith....... that is if you are behaving in a way that is a witness also.


a corgi said...

wearing one......LOL. We went to a concert last year at our church for the group 4:29. We bought tee-shirts. I love them; so comfy and love the message on them

otherwise, it seems like it was a fun time???


Meg said...

maybe they went out to eat before or after the concert and other folks saw them then