Monday, June 8, 2009

The Little Red Car is broke...

UPDATE: Little red car that is barely our of its warranty by three months is going to cost me $760. The alternator has gone bad. I think I am seriously regretting buying a Ford. I dont know where this money is coming from, anyone have a money tree?

Well my car is in my work parking lot. It has this little problem where it does not want to start. So I request prayer that my finances will cover what ever is wrong with my little car. The bad news is my warranty expired in March, I think. I left it at work and hope no one steals it tonight, not like they would get very far though. Although my brother's battery was dead too when his hoopdie was stolen twice in the parking lot by the same man ( long story). I will get it towed tomorrow and deal with the bad news as it happens. Ohhhh! Did I tell you that the reason I bought a new car a few years ago was so I did not have to stress and worry about where it might strand me after being stranded on the interstate twice in my old vehicle. So much for not having to worry.

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a corgi said...

oh Becky, I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is to deal with car problems and repairs (we're on first names with our mechanic, he knows us so well). I do hope it is something within your budget to be able to have fixed and that it won't strand you again.