Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Sorry for being so mean today but...

I really am sorry for being mean today. It started off a good day. I woke up early, took a shower and took my nephew to soccer camp. I took advantage of being at the Y for his camp and went upstairs to work out. I was feeling great. I decided to get a water from the vending machine and it just would not take my dollar. I then decided to get munchkin some animal crackers. I pushed the number and they got stuck. I was a little peeved but not totally peeved until the other mother came walking out with two bags of cheetos and the bag of animal crackers. I think they were probably mine. Soccer camp ended at noon and my sister wanted us to go meet her for lunch at work so she could see munchkin. Oh did I tell you I changed my day off so we could go to Water Country today after camp because the rest of the week is booked. Well we finally took off for Water Country at 2ish and arrived at 3ish.
Anyone locally knows Water Country is spread out and you can not let a almost 6 year old decide where we go and when because he will take you across the park five times rather than hitting the spots in a methodical order. Today I was in methodical order mood which caused my mom to get mad at me because the munchkin was not getting his way. We did go to everything he wanted to go to just not in his order.
Did I mention our cousin was with us, she is 12. Oh and she sings along to every song on the radio and was about to drive me crazy, I mean every song. Then she starts to argue with my nephew about a song lyric and really he is almost 6 it is not worth arguing over and I told her that in a not so nice way. I give her credit though because she was a great playmate until one river, Hubba Hubba Highway. This ride you just float and jets push you around. Weak swimmers wear a vest and good swimmers wear one to float. Well my nephew can not swim so I have to keep pace with him but my cousin kept pushing him in the jets and he would take off and I could not catch up with him. Not good since he can not swim. One time she grabbed him and he went under and scared the lifeguard and me both. I told both of them over 6 times to stop. They did not listen and my nerves were shot so I grabbed him to exit. Oh boy, he had a few things to say to me in a disrespectful manner and smacked me. We had quite the discussion when we got out and it was ugly. My mom walked up on the end of it and played the bad aunt guilt trip." What has he done, he has been perfect all day." He stands and smiles. So Yes I got more aggravated.

So now we are leaving and off to get some dinner. The kids decide on McDonald's. Well I rarely eat burger fast food and McDonald's is one of my least favorite places. Every once in a blue moon I may stop for a double cheeseburger but that is rare but the kids wanted nuggets, so off we go. I decided to get a snack and get something I like better later after we take the kids home. Well I looked at the menu and decided that I had not had one of their grilled chicken bacon salads and would get that for dinner instead of something for a snack. Well I wait and wait to get waited on and I give my order to a non-English speaking girl . She turns to her manager and he says.... We don't have any salads. I did walk away mad and told them McDonald's was useless but see I was very frustrated at this point. I ate nothing while the kids and my mom ate but see I was frustrated. I had finally decided that McDonald's had something I liked and then told they don't have it. I was disappointed. I know I should have ordered something else but nothing else was worth the calories to me. We left and thankfully there was a Subway across the highway. We stopped and I ate in the car but when we pulled up , do you know what both kids said.... I love Subway, why didn't we go here for dinner? Oh the frustrations that could have been spared.

So if you saw me and think you knew me today, I am sorry I was so mean. I really am a very sweet person usually. We all have our off days and today was mine.

One last thing, thankfully my sub kept my mouth busy because my cousin proceeded to sing all the songs on the radio the whole way home. Ohh is she glad my mouth was stuffed because I really did not want to tell her to "Be Quiet" or the not so nice version of that either.

I do hope tomorrow is not so frustrating and quite peaceful.

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a corgi said...

seems like you tried to make it work, Becky, and tried not to be "mean" but there were too many other circumstances (and people) getting in your way to make it be a better day. I think you are a jewel to take your nephew and cousin to the water park and put up with their antics while there. I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day for you