Friday, May 15, 2009

More Mother's day

Part of our gifts to the Mother's last Sunday was the kids singing. They actually were doing an encore presentation from a few weeks ago. My nephew is in the blue striped shirt up front. He had a solo.
This is my nephew doing his solo. I do not know what he was looking at because their music director was on the front row not the side. I really think he was trying to make sure no one else was trying to sing his solo with him. The sweet little girl to his right tried to make it a duet last time. It was so cute.
Our children's choir is getting so big that we are going to have move the pulpit when they sing. They are getting too big to try to put on one side of the pulpit or the other. They need the whole stage. Also the front row has had a huge growth spurt . There used to be no problem seeing the back row and the front row but not now. Those little kiddos are growing. Why can't they stay little? Oh well, the children's choir director and I will have to come up with some more creative ways to spread them out now unless the back row has a huge growth spurt soon.

Oh and by the way, Thank to Jen over at Jenn #2 on my favorites on the right side of my blog for letting me steal her pictures off facebook. I always forget my camera but why do I need my camera when she takes such great pictures. I am sure she will have these pictures on her blog soon too.

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