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Those of you who know me know that I work in a Christian business that supposedly deals with Christian people. I say supposedly because not all people who profess to be a Christian are a Christian. Take this from first-hand experience.

In the move of closing my store, we ran across some invoices that were never posted on accounts. The customer took the invoice with them and know they are responsible. Unfortunately they were never posted to show up on a statement. We have no legal obligation to send them a statement. That is stated in our policy when they apply for accounts. It also stated that all money is due 30 days from the invoice... invoice, not statement. We know it was a mistake on our part. We issued letters to about 20 churches about this along with a copy of the invoice. We did have one church pay their invoice without a statement. Out of these 20 churches , most of them have come in or called to take care of the situation. One called yesterday and started off with attitude. She said she was not paying on behalf of her church, that it was never on a statement. I explained to her we don't have to send a statement that you are responsible for the money off the invoice. Well she had more lip to give me. I held mine because I wanted to say..." So your church is using stolen merchandise since it was not paid for" but I didn't . I remember my mom telling me that a soft answer turns away wrath. I went on to tell her we apologize for the mistake and by sending the letter we warning them that it will show up on next month's statement. DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAID? No, you don't.... She told me, " YEP , IT IS YOUR MISTAKE AND YOU CAN PAY FOR IT?" I was heartbroken because the first thing in my mind was... What if Jesus said that to us? I did not say this to her but I told her she could call back and talk to the owner, in the mean time I had an authorized signature of a charge to her church. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE TOTAL WAS? No, you don't. It was for a measly $18. This woman ruined her Christian witness to me for $18.

Now my heart hurts because I keep dwelling on the statement, it is your mistake and you can pay for it. What kind of life would we have here on earth or for eternity if Christ had that attitude. We do not deserve his grace but he died for us on the cross for our mistakes. He didn't have to but he did. He could have said, handle your own mistakes, why should I die for your mistakes. I can only imagine that if he , which I know he did, heard that conversation that he was also heartbroken. I was devastated because I was supposedly dealing with a fellow christian. How can that woman use the items in her church in good faith knowing they were not paid for? With all that Christ did for us , how can anyone say that to anyone especially a Christian?

Also it puts you in an ethical situation that if you know you charged items and they did not show up on your statement, as a Christian do we say, oh great what a blessing or do we call the place and make it right. I am not perfect but I would rather have the clear conscience. I have been known to go back if I was not charged for something that I received. In part of her defense, she may not have received the invoice to know there was a charge, you know church protocol but once it was called to her attention shouldn't she have remedied it instead of being ugly and demanding and refusing to pay.... Thoughts to ponder and hearts to heal.


a corgi said...

Becky; that is so sad with how that lady handled the situation; I bet later she got convicted with how she handled it, but whether she'll apologize or not only time will tell

I always try to be careful to check things to see if we were fairly charged for everything we got; at restaurants we've called the waitress over to tell her she forgot to put something on the bill and they are always surprised when we do this. One night the waitress we got was in a bit of a mood. She did good service but you could just tell she didn't want to be there. She forgot to charge us for a coffee we got with dessert. We called her over and asked her to add it; she thanked us. The next time we came into that restaurant, she happened to be our waitress and she had big smiles on her face and said "I remember you; you told me to charge you for that coffee".

comparing the two situations, what leaves a better taste in the mouth and a better witness?

that lady in your situation should have thought and handled it better

(I'm still praying for you/your business :)

(thanks for finding my new blog:)

a corgi said...

Becky: here's a devotion I got in my email this morning; I think it speaks of what we are speaking of in this entry of yours: (its from Godspeaks; that's the organization that does those billboards of God speaking-have you seen them, one that I can remember says "Read my book; there will be a test" (their address is

It's A No-Brainer

""For those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.""
- (1 Samuel 2:30 NKJV)

So there you are. You've just moved into a new home, and?in the process of setting up the TV?you discover you're getting a lot of channels you're definitely not paying for. And let's just say that these channels are not "family friendly" channels. As you investigate the situation, you realize the previous owner had some sort of special hook-up that you've inherited. It's totally off the books, and the cable company will never know about it.

Is it a time to celebrate? Not for you, because you remember something from God's Word, a promise that He's made to honor those who honor Him. In this case, the "God-honoring" thing to do is clear. You pick up the phone, call the cable company, and ask them to remedy the situation.

It's not what everyone would do, but it's what a person who honors the Lord does. You've done the right thing, and you know God will be faithful to honor you in ways you can't even imagine.

All of us find ourselves in situations where we have opportunity to either "let it ride," in order to reap some instant gratification, or to give honor to God. What we choose to do in these moments reveals how much we believe God's promise to honor those who honor Him.

For the one who doesn't have a lot of confidence in God's promises, there's a real struggle. But for those who have consistently seen God fulfill His promises both in the lives of Bible characters and in their own lives, it's a no-brainer. Which type of person are you?

When did you do something honorable ?for God's glory? not yours?

How were you blessed?

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