Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Funnies & serious thought

I teach the preschoolers on Sunday morning for Sunday School. Some days are frustrating and some are quite comical. Today was a comic relief day. My nephew is one of the older ones in my class being in kindergarten. Our lesson was about sharing and the story was about Abraham and Lot at the well with the sheep. I was telling them today we are talking about Abraham and ... well before I could say Lot , my nephew pops in with Abraham and Lincoln. I had to belly laugh because Abraham Lincoln was so many years after Abraham and Lot. It made me see how much he is learning at school at such a young age. He thought he was showing off what he learned in school. My helper was quick, she responded, " well Abraham Lincoln was a great hero but he is not the hero we are talking about today." Wow a kindergartener learning about good old Abe and retaining it. I don't think I covered that until 1st or 2nd grade.


I also went and bought a dozen KK doughnuts for Sunday School. I put the whole dozen in front of me and opened them. Their eyes were huge because doughnuts are a treat. I then said, " these are all mine." Their mouths dropped and faces were so dejected. Then I said, " but I am choosing to share them with you today because you are my friends." Remember our lesson was on sharing. They were so excited. This lesson was priceless and they will remember it.

Chuckle 2

The second funny came up in conversation today and I was telling my neighbor about it and she laughed and laughed. I live in a racially diverse neighborhood. One of my closest neighbors is African American and we can talk about all sorts of things and never have problems. We were discussing the subject of funerals and how they are different in the white and black society. A friend and regular customer of ours passed away this weekend. We were telling our neighbor about all this lady had been through in life and they we had attended her daughter's funeral in which we were the only white folks and the people in the church were kind of rude to us. I went on to tell her that I attended a funeral of one of my dear black pastor's in which the opposite happened. (He was so dear that when his apartment security realized something was wrong with him and broke into the apartment and found him deathly ill but not gone. He called us at my store. He said that number was everywhere in the apartment. I was so surprised because he had a decent size church but the security guard could not find any number but ours. I sent my employee to be with him at the hospital and I made some phone calls to find family or church members. One of the numbers I called was to another pastor who ended up doing his funeral.) Ok, back on subject. My employee and I went to his funeral. The usher knew us and told us to sit with family. We didn't because I felt awkward but we sat about midway and yes we were the only white people. The pastor that did the funeral came in the store the next day and said... I saw you at the funeral. I started laughing because how could he miss us. I am a blonde white girl and my employee is a grey-haired white woman. How on God's green earth could you not miss the two of us? I am still chuckling at the thought of this. My neighbor thought it was hilarious. Her words,
" oh my a church full of chocolate and then you two vanillas. I am sure he saw you too."


On my soap box, we will be going to the funeral this week of our friend. We will probably be the only white people. The funeral will be long because that is one of the differences in the society. We have short funerals. But why with as far as we have come with integrating society are situations like this so awkward. If your friend dies, you should go to show respect and not think about whether you may be the only white person , black person , puerto rican, mexican, etc. We are all equal. You are coming to show respect for the individual and the family. The fact that the person had so many racially diverse friends shows what a deep and well-respected person this individual really was.

Ok, I am off my soap box.

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a corgi said...

that was a good lesson for the kids with the donuts for sharing; I bet that really helped bring the Biblical message home to them (one can hope right?)

sorry about the loss of your friend