Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Helped One, Hurt One... It all balances

Last Thursday I had lunch with my nephew at school and was chatting with his teacher's assistant. I looked up because I heard a weird noise and saw one of his classmates choking. I yelled at the assistant who was closer who ran to assist the boy. At that moment he was able to dislodge the food by coughing with her assistance but it was scary. I was so thankful to see him choking before it was too late. I felt good after that, not because he choked but because I saw it when the assistant did not. Later in the day I took my nephew to the park with my SIL and the girl she babysits. They both had come up and said they were hungry and we both replied that they should play 10 more minutes. Well within five minutes, the young girl ( 9ish) was holding my nephew's hand and blood was streaking down his face. I don't do blood. I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom and tried to clean up and evaluate the situation. I was told he fell off the fireman's pole. How I did not see it, I do not know because you can see the whole play area from where I was sitting. He had a a small flap of skin hanging , so I took him to the hospital where my sister was working. She also could not tell if it would need a stitch. A doctor was doing rounds and looked at him and said, butterfly tape it. Well we did but he may have a little scar. I kept thinking in my care he is damaged for life. You know guilt. So for the day I had saved one and hurt one , even though I know I did not hurt him but it was on my watch he was hurt. The part that made me know my nephew was somewhat ok is that I told him we were going to see mommy. Now he knows mommy is a nurse and the last time he fell she peroxided him and bandaged him up. Well, he told me in the car, " NO not go see mommy, mommy do surgery, noooo, not mommy. " I had to laugh, peroxide is surgery.... wow does he have a lot to learn. The second part happened while I was driving. I had caught every red light on the way to the hospital and one turned yellow and I could have stopped but didn't. He was on the phone with his mommy in which he said...." mommy, aunt Becky just ran a red light." I was like wow he feels great enough to tattle tell but now my sister is going to say I was trying to kill him today. Oh boy, what a day!


a corgi said...

glad you were there to help that little boy in the classroom as well as your nephew; kids are so resilient; bet he is all back to normal by now

hope you are doing well


Jessie said...

What a day! Yes, I think we can all say that we have had days like that. Glad to hear no stitches. ALso glad to hear that the other little boy was okay....always nice to have a child tattle on you, huh? :) It's happened to me plenty!

Meg said...

Those accidents can happen in the same split second that you blink, and I think the kids plan it that way. They know they'll get more attention when we feel guilty. I'm mostly kidding. lol