Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm so sleepy

I finally went to the doctor last Thursday only to have it verified that I had bronchitis. He did give me some antibiotics and some more very tasty cough medicine with codeine. Blah! Tasty ... Blah! Cough Medicine... Blah! Just a spoonful of sugar will make the medicine go down. Ok , it will make it go down but I will be up all night coughing from the sugar high. Well I was up all night coughing anyways for five nights. I might as well have had the spoonful of sugar. Anyways, I am feeling better ( not great) now, Praise the Lord.
I have decided not to exercise or go to the Y for another week just to make sure I am over this mess. That is a good thing because I have been so sleepy even before the codeine. I am a night owl and I have been ready for bed by 9:30 PM and have been sleeping until 9:30 AM. I guess I do have five nights to make up for but oh my. If it wasn't for work, I probably would sleep long after 9:30 AM. Thank goodness I am the boss and come and go as I please most days. I do complain about the late shift but the last few days the late shift has been a lifesaver for my sleepiness. Well off to bed I go, after all 9:30 AM is awfully early and will be here before I know it. HA! Ha!


Meg said...

Codeine knocks me out...and I'm sick, too, right now. I'm about to zinc myself crazy over here, and I hope it doesn't get any worse.
Glad you're feeling better.

Jessie said...

That stuff sounds just gross. I'm allergic to codiene so at least I can get out of that stuff. Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better!