Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I learned....

I attended the Celebration of Life Service this evening of our dear friend and customer. It was close to three hours long. The family called our store and asked that someone from our family say a few brief things about her. First let me tell you about her, she was a saint in my eyes. I can not tell you when I met her except she has always been around. She was one of the customers who became your friend. She would come back to the office and just talk to us about her life and ours. I knew what she had been through in life. Her pastor husband had an affair and they divorced. Was she bitter? Nope, she praised God through it all. She never once talked bad about her ex to her kids. Her daughter at age 30 was at a doctor's appointment for her diabetes and complications. She was laughing and joking with the doctor and then was gone. Right there at the doctor's office. Did she get bitter with God? Nope, she praised God for her life of 30 years. A few years after this she had custody of her nephew. He was riding his bike in the neighborhood and was hit by and car and died. Did she get bitter with God? No, she praised him for the time she had with her nephew. What a woman! Tonight I was remembering the last time I saw her and it was just last week. I was at work and deep into thought. My mom came up and said, " Bonita ( name changed) is out there, go say hi to her." I was so deep in thought I didn't want to and thought, well she is in here all the time , I will see her next time. Well I did decide to go talk to her and I am glad I did. The first lesson I learned.... don't take people for granted for they may not be here tomorrow and it may be a long time before I go to heaven to see them again. My brother spoke on how she was Legacy. Everyone one else talked about her works and what she did for God but no one talked about her legacy. Oh boy did she leave one with her personal life and church life. She was her church's secretary since she was in junior high and she was 54 when she passed. Her mind was always on Christ and what she could do to show God's love. I have to correct myself, her mind was not always on it, it came naturally for her without thought. Lesson two learned.... what can I do to live my life as a legacy, not for myself but for what I did for Christ. Another friend spoke tonight and what she said I could see her saying. She said, I could imagine her as she approached the pearly gates and approached St. Peter. She probably said... I am sorry St. Peter to wake you so early but can I please come in. As a last thought and dedication to my family friend....... WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a corgi said...

she seemed like such a wonderful Godly woman who knew the priorities of life and that was to honor her Lord and Savior and to praise him; what a privilege to have known her like you did and what an honor for me to be able to read about her in your journal; thanks for sharing :)