Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I must confess that during my second round of Griefshare Bible Study that the videos bore me. I have seen them once and the second time around, they plain bore me. I go because I enjoy the big group leader's lectures and the small group discussions.

I must confess that tonight, I took a book to read during the videos. I sat in the back and read while the video played. I did look up a few times and fake paying attention.

What was so funny.... I have the sniffles from my allergies . So everyone in front of me though I was being emotional during the video. One person even asked me when I was looking up if I needed tissues because she knows it was an emotional video.

What is also funny....I had no idea that people thought I was crying until my Mom told me at the end of the night.....

Sometimes you just need a laugh.... All those people thought I was paying attention.

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betty said...

Too cute, Becky; but I do appreciate your honesty in your opinion of the videos this time around. I think it is good time management to do something else during them (could be worse, you could be on your phone texting or playing a game :)