Friday, March 14, 2014

the things I could talk about

If I had the time and energy... I could tell you some stories. Things that involve me directly and things that involve me indirectly.

I cant give specifics but I was working when someone walked in late and walked past me. As he walked past me , the scent blew me away. It was not body odor. It was a familiar scent but not from me personally. It was a scent from riding the bus in high school. The kids in the back smoked some things but back then it was called by a street name and not by the medicinal name it is today. I came home one day and my mom said... what do you smell like. I said...oh , only  ________. They smoke it on the bus. Let me tell you within a few weeks of turning 16, I had a car to drive and did not have to ride that bus anymore.

So this student walked past me and I could get high too, it was that strong. I chuckled. Well, it took a few minutes for the other authoritative figure to catch on but she did. She told the guy to go spray himself down. Well, he did .... with Disinfectant Spray....Now talk about a combination! This time I could get high and kill all my germs at the same time.

Oh the life....

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betty said...

Surprised he just had to spray himself down and didn't get any discplinary action. Son got suspended for 3 days from school one time years ago for doing something similar.