Saturday, March 22, 2014


In case you are wondering what we are doing with the 30,000 books or more that we have from the store. Right now, most are in storage. We are clearing out one unit and storing in our church to save $280 a month. We will start on the next unit next month. It is the largest unit with Christian and Secular books.

At night, in my free time, which is very little, I put in ISBN numbers into our main site's system to see which are worth selling and storing, We have two piles, one for selling online which is over taking our house and one for garage sales which is more than we have in the house. My church has allowed us to set up a table in the back of the garage sale books. We add more when they are sold and rotate them every month. No book is over $2 and our small church has bought quite a bit of books.

We are going to a flea market in April to see how we do and will have one garage sale at the house. After that, that set of books will be donated. We have several organizations we are looking into.

You may ask, why do we take the time to sell and store books online. It is not really for the money, though it will be nice to have some because I do find a rare book here and there. It is to keep my Father's mind busy. He works all the books online after I do the initial sorting. As long as it keeps him busy and I dont run out of money paying storage fees, we will continue.

All of this to say, if you are looking for any books, mostly used and rare, some new but not within last two years. Here is the link to our main site we sell on. At this time, it has 940 books listed but we will be adding thousands more slowly.

We sell on Marketplace Barnes and Noble and too but Abe's gives us our own little web address.

I am on ebay with a few church supply items, should you know anyone who may need some things. I am actively working on that when I get my camera fixed.

Then ebay has a site just devoted to books, music and dvds with ISBN's. We are on that too.

So , if you may wonder.... we stay pretty busy around here but today, I am taking a break. Taking my nephew to Busch Gardens. 


betty said...

Have fun at Busch Gardens! Wise how you are categorizing the books and your intent to move them the various ways you are. I sold a lot of books at one time through Amazon and it was quite profitable (but not like selling the inventory from a store, I'd just go to garage sales, look for books I knew would sell, etc.) Any way to keep busy like this is a good thing I think! Good luck with it. I would check out your web sites with books since I love to read, but on tight budget so got to avoid buying any books and just getting what I can from the library.


The Brown Recluse said...

You deserved a break!! wow! so much work, Becky!