Sunday, February 2, 2014

Getting healthy

I am trying to take control of my body again. My diabetic meds have been increased because my blood sugar levels are everywhere.

January 3 was the last time I had a soda of my own. I will confess I have had a few sips of my nephew's soda but only a few sips and literally sips. This is getting easier because now that I am not drinking soda, he chooses non-carbonated beverages too. Tonight during the Super Bowl, I ate some chips. Oh boy,, did I want a soda but I continued to drink water.

I am working on just a few things at a time. My first was sodas and increasing my exercise. I joined the Y a few weeks ago and am taking advantage of it. It has not been that hard because I have not been on a regular schedule in a few weeks thanks to the weather and school being out for road conditions and teacher workdays. I have one day in the next two week pay period... That is going to hurt. In the mean time I went to the Y almost everyday that the roads would allow it. I actually feel bad and guilty if I dont get at least a 30 minute workout in now.

The month if January my fitness minutes were 510. That was not bad considering I did not start until week 2 of January and the wonderful snow we have had the past two weeks. That 510 minutes is just cardio. It does not count any strength training which I try to do 5-15 minutes after my cardio,

Tomorrow I get bloodwork drawn to find out if my numbers have dropped for January... I hope so.

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