Sunday, February 2, 2014


  • Super Bowl makes me miss my brother. So many memories of watching together. I used to think it was ok to talk during commercials. I learned real quick from him that you did not talk whatsoever during the Super Bowl.
  • Speaking of Super Bowl. I remember traveling twice on Super Bowl Sunday. Once was to Indianapolis for a convention. My brother said that he did not care if he missed it because his team was not playing. We made it there in the late afternoon, At dinner time we were ready to go to the Steak and Shake and we were waiting on him to get ready. We waited and waited and waited. He finally said, bring me something back because I am watching the Super Bowl. He sent two women out in Indianapolis in the cold to fend for their selves.... It was right across the street from our hotel. LOL! 
  • Speaking of Super Bowl traveling 2..... We were in Nashville for another convention.I had bought tickets to the Grand Ole Opry earlier in the week for Friday night, leaving us to travel on Saturday and be back home on Sunday.. NOT! A blizzard was coming through....literally. Everyone recommended we head home BUT I had bought tickets for the Grand Ole Opry and I was going daggoneit. So we went. It was great. Then we headed home Saturday and at first had no problems until about 4 when literally our wipers froze while wiping. It was time to pull off for the night plus a jackknifed tractor trailer was blocking the road. So we stopped at the only hotel and ate Subway. We started off the next day to another wrecked tractor trailer. We sat for hours. That did not stop my brother from being home to watch the Super Bowl. He sped the rest of the way home and we made it home with 15 minutes to spare. 
  • Speaking of traveling... for another convention in Kentucky we drove. He made the mistake of falling asleep after telling us to stay straight on that road. He had not told us to stay straight on 64 so when the road kept straight, my Mom kept straight. He woke up about an hour later wondering where we were and how we got there. Taught him a lesson. We were on a 2 hour detour and it was the first time I had even been through a tunnel in a mountain. I did not know tunnels went through mountains, only in water for my life. 
So many memories tonight flashing back... all because of Super Bowl. I miss him so much. 

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