Monday, December 3, 2012


A lot of you posted on thankulness for November and I struggled with thankulness for anything after losing my brother.

Here are some things over the last few days I am thankful for....

  • Salvation
  • My salvation
  • My brother's salvation
  • Jesus' returning soon to reunite me with my brother
  • Heaven
The following has dawned on me because of a young man that has been sent our direction through God and has been a tremendous help at the store despite  me getting irritated with him knowing everything. I dont know his story, he is very mysterious but he has been used by God to help and minister to us. I am piecing together that he is technically homeless but stays at a friends  house some at night. He never asks for anything but will take what we give which has been a nice study bible he was eyeing , food and maybe a ride somewhere. The only things he has ever asked for have been a soda and a star wars collectibles book we found in a box.  He has volunteered hours and hours and lifted many boxes. We found my brothers bike and gave it to him and he was ecstatic, This is what I am thankful for that I have learned from him:
  • warm place to sleep
  • not ever knowing what true hunger is
  • my car
  • my family
  • clean clothes
  • soap
  • warm showers
  • what little money I have
I am still down but trying to be thankful or what I have. My brother would want us to help him in ways that we can. He seems like a man that is down on his luck and very knowledgeable about the Bible and theology. PLease uplift him in prayer as we dont know his story but he seems to be a really nice guy just down on his luck right now.


The Brown Recluse said...

Heart warming post, Becky.

That corgi :) said...

That is nice to help him as you are doing, Becky; he seems like a big help to you guys too! Speaking from experience, just be careful as you are helping him. Son had a homeless friend who we helped a lot, let him stay at our place at times, fed him, and then he stole a really small amount of money from son's room one time when son was gone and I let him in, thinking all was cool. Sad thing is if he had asked me for money because he was going to lunch with friends, I would have given him some money. Anyway, we couldn't let him stay with us afterwards because we lost trust in him; he would never admit it though I know for sure it was him that took the money. Still fed him, but couldn't let him in the house too much more after that. So just be careful but I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing. And it does help to appreciate what we have when we see someone with less.