Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I saw...

This is not a post about my trip. It is a post of my plane ride home.

I normally select an aisle seat because I have broad shoulders and can lean over into the aisle until the beverage cart arrives. My flight from Phoenix to Charlotte and Charlotte to my hometown were great. I had the seats to myself and could look out the window.

How can anyone question God's magnitude? I was on the other side of the clouds. Literally... on top of the clouds. Oh my they were beautiful. It looked like big puffy cotton and spools of cotton candy. We usually only see it from the ground but from the air it is awesome. How could something so beautiful been created by a big boom or aliens? It can only be the work of God. Beautiful and majestic is only something God could create.

Out of the blue the following lyrics from a song came to my mind and I quietly sang it.

O Lord O Lord how Majestic is your name above the Earth. O Lord we praise your name. O Lord we Magnify your name. Prince of Peace. Mighty God. O Lord God of everything.

The clouds and lightening that I saw we so awesome and just small part of what an awesome God we have.

I also give credit for God for the invention of airplanes and him keeping us safe. They are huge yet that big piece of machinery carries thousands of people a day and flies through the sky. How can something that heavy fly. Only God. I was at the wing when I realized that wing is huge. We learned alot of aerodynamics from the birds God created. You can never deny it with the wings.

Wow! What a powerful and awesome God.

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That corgi :) said...

Amen!! God is mighty and awesome indeed!! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING we have and everything we are is because of God :)

glad you got back home safe and sound!